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work around

Last night, I had finished sewing a little tree onto a soft jersey t-shirt when I noticed that there was a big hole in the arm pit. It wasn't repairable since the hole was in the fabric rather than in the seam. It was the end of a long wonderful day, my feet hurt, and it made me frustrated to see my little design attached to a shirt with nowhere to go. It's funny because I think if it had been earlier in the day, I would have been perfectly fine with leaving it for later, but there was something unsettling about going to bed just after discovering a mistake. So, before stopping for the night, I turned my problem t-shirt into a little wall hanging for Mouse's room.

I carefully cut a rectangle around the design and hemmed the top and bottom. This morning, Mouse and I went for a walk in the woods and found two slender twigs to place into the top and bottom of the hanging, and I used embroidery thread as the hanger.

I love the soft and sweet way it hangs. Not only was a defunct t-shirt turned into something new, but I am now inspired to create more of these little fabric wall hangings.

xo e