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xo emily

we found fall, again!

I'm thinking about music and light and darkness and what the last weeks of fall will bring. Our home life feels a little more condensed and saturated these days as I craft and bake, and while we sit by the fire, reading and playing.

Saturday was rainy and cold, so we ate oatmeal, cleaned the house, and rested. We had some original plans that were canceled, so instead our dear, dear friends (the kind that are just like family) came for dinner on Saturday evening and stayed all the way until tonight's dinner.

This morning, Chick and Mouse were thrilled to wake to their charming, excited cousins eating yogurt and planning the day. After breakfast #2, which involved bagels coated with cream cheese, we went for a walk and noticed more signs of fall.

There were:

giant yellow leaves

and worms

and other cool stuff

and, Mr. Juicy Cheeks who was molded into my arms for as many minutes as possible. I already miss his smell and his peaceful chocolate-y eyes. Gah! I love him. And, I love my nieces who are the most magnificent artists and explorers and friends.

I'm hoping for a week where we can squeeze in a trip to the park, a walk in the woods, some library time, and lots of craft fair preparation for me.

xo e