t o g e t h e r

Here are some Story Stones from the Play series that I spent much of July and August working on. There are many more little children and play things in the series, and I plan to slowly share them on the blog in the coming months. Recently, I was honored to be asked to sell my wares at The Hartsbrook School's Winter Festival in late November, so I think I'll bring some of these along.

This past weekend, while the little ones soaked in the grandparent love, Tom and his father installed a beautiful white pine floor in our upstairs bathroom and I led a craft project at Cradle's open house. At the end of the day on Saturday, we sat down to a big autumn feast with sweetly roasted vegetables and apple crisp for dessert.

The open house was bright and cheery. It was one of those events where kindness blanketed the room, and everyone there was just happy to share in friendly vibe.

The craft was a simple repurposed cardboard square collage with some cotton yarn tied through a hole for easy hanging. I'll post pictures of the finished craft in the next few days.

There were busy little (and big!) hands working all morning.

I'm off to do some work and then to read to sweet Chick who has a bit of a cough.

xo e


  1. those little play stones are my favorites so far! That open house sounds like fun. I would have loved all of those workshops!

  2. Creative!!!!!!! I have a bag of river stones that have been used for a million different things, purchased at a dollar store for 1.00 and now I am to be a grandmomma, guess what the stones are to become next, hmmmmmmmmm can you guess, why yes, they are to become story stones, my favorites, decoupage, rocks, paper , fabric all become one. Thank you so much for sharing with the rest of us. Blessing

  3. OMYGOSH, I was painting rocks all night and was wondering to myself....I wonder if cloth cutouts can be mod podged onto rocks? If I were home I would immediately send pics of my rocks or post on my lonely blog. But I'm housesitting which is probably why I'm getting these done! Do you have a tutorial? I'll look around and see. Keep up the good work!
    Sincerely, Mary Ann

  4. I am making my own sets for Christmas gifts to my children, my nieces too...thank you for you sharing spirit. I am crediting you on my notecard with the story stone sets that I make..this is really fun for me..hope the kids like them!!