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Here are some pictures of the collage ornament project, which I promised in my last post. Chick and I worked on these at home since we have a few birthdays to account for and a Halloween treat to send to her little cousin in California. It was the kind of activity that became sort of meditative, and ended up leading to some singing, story swapping, and the buzz of chatter and quiet thought.

re-purposed cereal box panels
little pieces of torn up magazine
glue stick
hole punch
Mod Podge (optional)

How to make it:

Cut the re-purposed cereal box panels to any shape you wish. I used rectangles for this project since I knew I'd be working with little hands. I did make a some collage birds and suns for my own work, which ended up looking kind of nifty. Go crazy with the glue stick on the cereal box shape, and then glue the pieces of paper onto the shape whichever way feels just right.

Use scissors to trim the pieces of paper to size if you wish, and don't be afraid to go off the edges since, at the end, you will trim all of the excess paper off in order to preserve the original shape. Chick decided to trim part of the shape as well, which ended up making it even more fun for her. Punch a hole. Tie on some yarn, and hang somewhere fun like on the rear view mirror in the car or on a little hook.

Or, on a doorknob.

Inexpensive, simple, and re-purposed.

xo e