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story tags :: remake

This project started because of Chick's deep desire to continue the ferry adventure conversation. These days, when we get out of the car, she asks if we can pretend our whole house is a ferry boat, and when she goes to sleep she asks for stories about ship adventures in the high seas. Little bits of our adventure keep trickling into our daily conversation, so one afternoon I went scavenging through the paper recycling bin to find a way to make our memories a little more permanent.

In this new remake craft, cereal and tissue boxes became gift tags, wall hangings, story telling cards, or memory cards. I cut the boxes into little cardboard squares, gave them rounded edges, and I made little collages onto them using magazines and junk mail. Each square represents something important about our journey, and Chick now has little pictures to use as she retells it again and again.

She especially likes to put them in chronological order, which is fun for me to observe since it is a fairly subjective process. In her mind, where does the beach fall in the line-up? The town? The pinwheel?

I used cereal and tissue boxes, a rotary paper cutter, a rounded edge punch, magazines and junk mail, and a decoupage medium (Mod Podge, diluted craft glue, etc.) to make the story tags.

Here, I used the cereal box tag to make a little sign for a very special teeny tiny boy's bedroom. Welcome to the world little Finn!

xo e