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Our super fun friend and neighbor, Erica, wrote late Saturday night suggesting the possibility of driving an hour east to Old Sturbridge Village for a little adventure. I love historical villages. I just do, and I'm willing to be frank about it. There is something about the DIY, use everything, waste nothing, practical, horse drawn wagon sensibility that I find inspiring and completely fascinating. My parents tell me that when I was little they would give me five or six really fun choices for our summer family vacation, and every time I would choose the Old Sturbridge Village/Boston option. Its true! I know it is true because I remember my love affair with the old houses, tin and candle making, and peppermint candy sticks.

This historical village, in particular, is especially beautiful and pastoral with a working farm and acres of pasture land and gardens. There is also a fancy little indoor play area where the kids can sell pickled cucumbers and eggs from barrels, stack firewood, and pull carrots from the garden.

Yesterday, in the fire pit, they were dying wool with natural dyes. Oh, the colors! She used iron to make the really dark eggplant one.

Isn't this old blue farm thing pretty? I love this particular shade of blue.

Side note: If you ever feel parched and decide to get slushies on the drive home from somewhere, don't stop at Cumberland Farms for $0.79 any size slushies. There is a reason they are $0.79. Just three sips and we felt like we had eaten a dozen sour gummy candies in under a minute. Chick, who rarely eats anything that artificial and weird, was all, "Mama, this drink just doesn't taste so good." I'm pretty sure we will just go for milk shakes the next time we want a sweet, dessert drink.

Another side note: I also just have to mention that I'm feeling really excited about my lovely friend Nicole's (One Golden Apple) skirt, dress, and tunic top designs. She is a super talented crafter who has been, recently, doing the most amazing things with jersey. Her eye for color along with her simple, beautiful designs and her unique finishing techniques make me feel like I need to be cutting and sewing and getting down and dirty with jersey ... right now. She pinkie swear promised me that her techniques are simple and satisfying. I think I might begin with a long tunic sort of design since that is the sort of thing I like to wear.

The end.

Off to cook dinner.

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