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keeping cool

Some good friends of ours, who moved to South Carolina this past March, drove back to our town to visit with friends and to pick up some of their belongings that were left behind. We were thrilled that they stayed at our home because we have missed them so much since they moved away. Our days together were full of yummy food, wine (once the kids were asleep), a picnic at the park, dominoes, and tons of playing. Chick was so excited to have her friend play upstairs in her room with her, and whenever any of the adults went to check on them, both girls would ask us to kindly leave so that they could continue.

This was the one week that summer decided to actually behave like summer, so it was hot and muggy outside and inside, which motivated me to cut up the big bag of cucumbers our friends gave us when they arrived. I had Tom cut some dill when he picked up our vegetables from the farm, which is the essential ingredient in this cold, sweet and sour cucumber salad. I ate this kind of salad at a friend's house seven or eight years ago and instantly fell in love. Since then, I have been given a few recipes from various friends, and I have sort of combined them all to make what, for me, tastes just as it should: crisp, tangy, cool, and infused with dill. It doesn't hurt that our dill came straight from the farm, so it was super flavorful and fresh.

This is a picture of leftover salad because I completely forgot to take a picture pre-dinner. If it looks a little bit two day-old, that's because it is.

Cucumber Dill Salad

4 or 5 cucumbers
1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar
1/4 cup chopped fresh dill
3 T sugar
1/2 fresh ground pepper
1 T kosher salt
2 sprigs of dill (optional)

Peel cucumbers and slice thinly. I sometimes slice them in complete circles, but this time I scooped the seeds out and sliced little crescents. Sprinkle the kosher salt on the cucumbers, and toss to coat. Put cucumbers in a colander (over a bowl or in the sink) and let stand for an hour stirring occasionally.

While you are waiting, in a serving bowl stir the vinegar, dill, sugar, and pepper until sugar is completely dissolved. After the hour of draining, press cucumbers firmly into the colander one last time with a thin, cloth towel and then pat dry. Place cucumbers into the serving bowl, with the dressing, and toss to coat. Refrigerate until cold. Place two sprigs of dill on top of salad for an optional garnish.

*Note: feel free to add more or less dressing depending on taste.

Hey, Henningsons - Thanks for filling our home with cheer, laughter, and plastic horses. We already miss you, and the herd.

xo e