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A few evenings ago I remade another $1.09 composition notebook. This time, I used a brown paper bag, a page from an old book, and some scraps of paper to cover and decorate it.

Along with learning to make my own deodorant and discovering that I have a hidden hair cutting talent which has resulted in tidy haircuts for the girls, creating my own journals rounds out my top three liberating projects. All three of these projects not only leave me feeling like I never have to spend money on these items again, but the end result feels more satisfying and enjoyable than what I would have bought. When I purchase a journal, I end up using it sparingly in order to make it last for as long as possible. Now that I make my own on the cheap, I find myself writing and note taking much more. This new one is parked my our telephone for quick messages.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the key players in this project are the glue stick, book binding tape, x-acto knife, and paper of your choice. Once you glue paper onto the notebook, the secret for a smooth cover is to use a bone folder to press, press, press out all of the creases and bumps. This paper bag was wrinkly and creased when I began. Really, really creased. You could probably also iron the paper on low heat, but I was feeling too lazy for that.

Here is the notebook pre-book binding tape and pre-decoration. Smooth, right?

I'll be back with necklace give-away winners on Saturday morning. Thank you so much to those of you who have responded; I have been enjoying your comments.

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