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Almost springtime always makes me feel like almost cleaning. You know - the move that futon here, install some new shelves, paint a stool, sort my buttons by color kind of cleaning. Definitely not the dusting, mopping, scrub the grout with a toothbrush kind of cleaning. Between all of our almost cleaning, birthday celebrations, and our endless colds and whatnot, I have been full to the brim with activities and caring for the little ones.

I have been spending some of my free time working on some sketches and drawings for new spring projects. The best part about this is that Chick and I can spend part of our afternoon together time drawing. The other day, we were sitting across from each other at the kitchen table both of us with drawing pads and a pile of crayons and colored pencils in the center. It was messy and the table was a little sticky from honey and oranges. Green tea on my side, white grape juice on hers and we were immersed in our work. The afternoon was saturated with color and lines and ideas....and my little girl. How did I get so lucky?