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under ten

Miss Mouse is now a little over one, which means she has reached the age where she is nosing around in cabinets, playing with sharp pencils, and sucking the little knob on the door that houses the garbage can every second of the day. Well, at least it feels that way.

A list of the things Miss Mouse feels like she needs to play with:
Tom's boots (some licking of the soles happens from time to time)
my boots (some sole licking)
Chick Pea's boots (some sole licking)
folded laundry
permanent markers
Tom's cell phone
my cell phone
the home phone
anything Chick Pea is playing with (oy!)

A list of things Miss Mouse definitely won't play with:
baby toys
wooden spoons w/ pots and pans from the kitchen, etc.
baskets of unfolded and untidy laundry (see above list)
her boots

A list of things I can't do while hanging with Miss Mouse:
vacuum (very scary)
fold laundry (clearly)
type on the computer (much protesting ensues)

What is the effect of this kind of turbo-parenting ? Evening trips to Target where I wander the aisles, lost in my thoughts, looking for something seductive that is priced under $10. I usually come home with a shirt or some knee high socks or a new pen .... or nothing. My latest find was this metal napkin holder that I instantly deemed as perfect for some of my handmade napkins that are usually all stuffed in the drawer in our sideboard. I love how it is lacy and metal at the same time. I almost bought it in a leaf green, but at the last minute I decided I wanted a neutral color.

Last spring, we made a commitment to using only cloth napkins for meals, which means I have been busy sewing napkins in an attempt to build up our supply. It sounds all chore-y and sore back inducing, but oh no no no no. Don't pity me. I could spend hours sorting through my fabric collection, and, really, there is something so relaxing about evenings spent folding, pressing, and pinning. Have I mentioned that there is no way for me to hear anything over the whirrrrrrr of the machine? It is like being in the shower, only instead of walking out clean, I march out having made something thrifty and perfectly useful.

xo e