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We belong to a beautiful and fruitful CSA (community sustained agriculture) farm where, at the end of the fall, we went home with way more potatoes then we could possibly eat. So, we got crafty and made potato stamps. They will rot after a few days, which is the perfect excuse to become obsessed with making as many stamped creations as possible. I have carved my own freehand in the past, but this time I used tiny little cookie cutters to make the shapes. They make perfect gift tags and wee cards. Chickpea's favorite was the strawberry.

We also ate our potatoes.

Mixed Roasted Potatoes

3 smallish sweet potatoes
2 smallish baking potatoes
a handful of tiny fingerlings, yukon golds, or purple potatoes
3 T olive oil (or a little more if necessary)
2 T kosher salt
black pepper
1 t smoked paprika (smoked pimenton)

Set oven to 425˚. Chop potatoes in course chunks. Cut the teenie tiny ones in half. In a mixing bowl blend potato chunks with olive oil, salt, pepper (to taste), and the smoked paprika. Dump into baking dish and roast for 35 minutes. Test with fork for doneness.