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One of the best ways to inspire creativity is to wonder about things. Encourage mind wandering and ask yourself simple questions.  Long drives, showers, walks, dish washing, and office room waits are perfect opportunities for some scheduled pondering.

When I stumble upon a random question, I love thinking that maybe other people have the same random question.  If I address it in my art, it might resonate with others.

Tell your kids that daydreaming is an AMAZING writing tool.  Teach children how to engage and disengage (when they need to pay attention to other tings) in daydreaming.  And, encourage them to take journal notes on their thinking.

Grocery lists, shoe sizes, and weather preparedness might seem off base, but even they can lead to things that will get you feeling inspired.  So, maybe, don't limit yourself?

Oh, and remember to carry a journal with you, so you can jot your ideas down.   If you are in the car, find a safe spot to pull over and record a little message to yourself.