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Creative Toolbox - Cereal Box Board

Cereal box board is one of my favorite art materials in the whole wide world.  I mostly love to use it as my canvas.  It is great for sculpture and building things, which is often how my children use it, but I love to draw and paint onto the gorgeous, muted brown backdrop.

It makes colors pop.  Once you start deconstructing boxes, you'll notice that the insides of boxes are all different shades of brown -- some are more orange-y, some more tan, some a true kraft paper color.   They are all wonderful.

My tip for you is to find a nice sturdy bin, like an old milk crate or a canvas pop-up from IKEA, and store flattened cereal, tissue, what-have-you boxes inside.  When you are in need, you can just dig in.

This is a photo of my very unglamorous bin of flattened boxes (mixed with other recycled papers).  It doesn't have to be pretty, friends.

I made Francine on cereal box board in honor of Halloween:

Happy spooky Halloween night to you and your people! PSA: Beware of wandering elephants.

xo emily