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watercolors and flowers

The older kids and I made these in early September in the midst of balmy breezes, deeply saturated garden hues, and a big round baby belly. Our baby boy was due in two weeks and it seemed as if my body couldn't get any rounder. It was full of what we could only dream of.

It happened on a day when we desperately needed something to do. The children were sprawled like huge beached starfish on the living room rug;  I was a beached something on the couch.  It is always nice to have tiny cards on hand, so we set out to replenish our stock.

{Cut watercolor paper into small squares
Use a Sharpie to draw flowers, shapes, designs
Paint a wash of liquid watercolor over the design
Keep going until you can't go anymore.}

I made flowers.  The girls painted birds and flowers and people and bunnies.  

A happy silence hung over our art table; brushes swirled in rinse cups, the girls admired each other's work.  We framed Leah's flower and hung it in the new baby's room:  "Love, Leah.  Age 8."  

We were on the cusp of such change.  

I just kept painting flowers.