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Sewing School 2: Book Review and Give-away

I was so happy to receive a copy of Amie Petronis Plumley and Andria Lisle's latest book, Sewing School 2  (Storey Publishing) in the mail, but before I could even peek at the pages, Leah (my eight-year-old) rushed off to her bedroom with it where she quickly flopped onto her bed and perused each page and project. Amie and Andria's first book, Sewing School , is one of my girl's favorites, so it came as no surprise that she would be beyond thrilled to lay eyes on the new book with exciting new projects.  Plus, its focus is teaching children to use the sewing machine, which is always an exciting prospect around these parts.

While I knew that Leah would be super excited to dig into this book, I almost forgot that my Hazel (five-years-old) is in a perfect place to begin learning to use a machine.  She loves fabric, prints, wrapping fabric around her dolls, and hand stitching, so when I showed her the book and asked if she'd like to do a project with me, she was bouncing in anticipation.

She chose the Tag Along project where you make a little stuffy with a loop for hanging.

She went right for a piece of punchy daisy fabric!

She was tentative about using the machine, but after some practice stitching, she was fired up and ready to go.  I love how the act of sewing with the machine teaches lessons in self-control and moderation.  There was a part of her that wanted to ZOOM!, but she took it slow because she was invested in her creation.


Here she is, so proud of her creation!  After much consideration, this beauty will hang in her doll's bedroom.  We already have plans to make more to give away for the holidays -- we're thinking of stuffing them with herbs and flowers!
Sewing School 2 is a wonderful way to introduce children to sewing with a machine because it encourages them to be confident in themselves while inspiring them to be creative in ways that feel fun and productive. Plus, the projects pictured in the book are made by other children, which leaves my kids feeling inspired and connected to all of the creative possibilities within.

Visit the Sewing School blog or Storey Publishing for more information about the book and the tour.  

Storey Publishing has generously offered to give away one copy of Sewing School 2 to a reader.  Just leave a comment on this post by 8/2 at midnight (Eastern Time) and I will announce the winner on 8/4.  Storey has requested that it be US only, please.

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