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birds + watercolor

My youngest loves to paint and draw, but she sometimes feels stuck when it comes to choosing a subject.  It's not that she doesn't love to doodle and experiment with color; she'll do that for hours.  It's just that sometimes, she will tell me that she really wants to draw "somebody cute," but she isn't quite sure how to get where she wants to go.
This is when field guides, picture dictionaries, and picture books (we love vintage Golden Books!) are wonderful resources.  I keep a little shelf of books with interesting, beautiful, or inspiring pictures and photographs for this purpose. (We do also use Peterson's Field Guide to identify our backyard winged friends).

When doing representational drawings with young children, I like to remind them to be creative with their interpretations.  The pictures and books should be guides and all of the quirks and uniqueness in our artwork is what makes it beautiful.
My mouse was so very proud of her friendly, yellow bird who likes to say "HI."


xo emily

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