I've moved! New blog address.

My new website + blog is emilyneuburger.com.  Please visit me there!

If you have this site bookmarked in a blog reader, you'll want to switch to emilyneuburger.com.

Thanks, and see you in my new space!

xo emily

odds & ends

Hello lovely friends.

I have a few things on my mind, and I'd love to share them with you before we embark on this beautiful pre-autumn weekend.

1.  September is craft book month at Craft Buds, and on Wednesday Lindsay posted an interview with me.  She asked lovely questions in which I discuss Show Me a Story as well as the process of writing a book. I'm so thankful to have been included in such an awesome series.
2.  I was in NYC for the first leg of my book tour and the visit was entirely beautiful and inspiring.  I was reminded how much I love New Yorkers.  At one point, a stranger heard my friend Kristin and I muttering about which subway to take, and bounded off of the subway to be sure that we got onto the correct train.  Once we squeezed our way in, the whole car started brainstorming our convoluted subway ride to Brooklyn (in our defense, there is some track work going on, so the schedule is kind of wonky).  I was all, "Thank you beautiful subway riders of New York."  It was such a Pollyanna kind of moment, and it made me so happy.
I actually kicked off the tour with a wee radio interview with Mindy from Absolutely Mindy on Sirius XM.  It was live and it was awesome.  I did need a tall Mojito afterwards.
The children that I met at the events were incredible;  they were sweet and excited and beautiful.  I was so happy to witness such bright eyes and creative ways.
3.  My book launch party is this Saturday at The Cup and Top Cafe in Florence, MA from 11-1.  If you will be anywhere near the Northampton/Florence, MA area, please stop by.  There will be cake, live mandolin by my friend Justin and his friend Tara, a craft from the book, and book signing! Hope to see you there!

Happy golden weekend to you all.

xo emily