p i c t u r e d


*  I found this tiny nest -- maybe a hummingbird's -- in the center of the road while running around Tuscarora Lake in NY. 

* Flowers on my lap on the way to a friend's house.

* Corn fields, on an evening drive to town.

* Just down the road.

* Beautiful golden brown cows in the dusky light.

* The children gazing into the window of Food For Thought books on an evening walk in town.

* A red melon from our dear C.S.A farm.  

xo e


  1. ahora que los pajaritos empiezan a volar,
    aparecen los nidos que los cobijaron.
    Lindas fotos.

    1. Yes. It is both sad and beautiful, isn't it? Thank you! xo

  2. no i don’t think so / hope not! this was just a sweet reminder of when making a friendship bracelet was
    allowed to be my big accomplishment of the day as opposed to now when i’m supposed to get to work on time and
    pay bills and such.friendship bracelet