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we went to the ocean

These are a few photographs from our week by the ocean.  One of our favorite days was spent at the  Audobon Bird Sanctuary in Wellfleet.  It was a quiet spot with trails, tall trees, baby birds, and tiny crabs that popped out to say "hello" as soon as we stood still. 
There were three other families walking the trail that day, but we were the last to make it to the shore.  Once we arrived, the others had left making us feel as if we  might have the been the only ones walking the shore that day,  alone with the birds and the steady wind. 
Do you spy our little turtle friend?  She was determined to crawl on top of a lily pad. It was a sad thing, really, because she kept sliding off and would quickly try again. 
The tide was swiftly coming in, so Tom and the girls planted themselves on a sand bar and waited until the water surrounded them.  They declared the last sandy spot their own personal island.  It existed for six whole minutes, which happened to be just enough time for an interpretive ocean dance.
 Another friend.
Bird photograph by Tom Neuburger
 It was a beautiful day.

Have you been on a summer adventure?  I'd love to hear!  

xo e