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p i c t u r e d

*The girls have been using the tree stumps, leftover from October's snowstorm, as picnic tables and possible fairy gathering spots.

*Ms. Sophia Loren squeezes in a weekend nap. Look at that kissable forehead!

*Brunch turned to lunch as the children cracked eggs and ate them well into the afternoon.

*Soup, tissues, and honey tea were the rule last week as three of us coped with a head cold. I was so glad to send that one off into the sunset. 

*Just prior to coming down with the cold, I went on a super fun get-away with dear friends to Porches Inn in North Adams, MA. A little more than ten years ago, the inn renovated a bunch of row houses, which once housed mill workers, into an "retro-edgy"inn with antiques, heated pool, hot tub, and a hearty and healthy breakfast. My family and I first stayed at Porches during the photo shoot for my book because Storey Publishing lives right across the way. 

*The last two photographs are from our visit to MASS MoCA, which is across the street from Porches.  We saw one exhibit where an entire room is in the process of being "built" and it is framed in scented soap, which is molded to look like wood.  In fact, the soap was molded and shaped to look like all of the things you'd find at a construction site: 2 x 4"'s, nails, shims, ball jars.  That exhibit was difficult to capture, though, so I included photos from two other installations. 

xo e