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the town square

Last night, we visited The Taste of Amherst where there was local ice cream, lots of restaurants selling tasty bites, live music, and hula hoops.

The air was thick with the smells of all different foods blending together into a cloud of vague deliciousness.  I could tease out gyoza, pad thai, and barbeque from the food cloud. We ate dinner before going because, historically, eating there with the kids doesn't work out very well.   It was so relaxing this way.  We just needed to worry about water, ice cream, and dancing.

  The hula hoop lady was there. 
 Striped tents

 Tom read that the David Wax Museum would be playing, and after listening to some songs and reading about them, he felt like I would love them.  And, I did! (and, I loved Tom for knowing that I would love them). Their music is a blend of traditional Mexican music and Americana folk music with a little bit of pop in there too.  It was lively and moody and soulful and lilting - like a well balanced meal.  

 Mouse dancing to one of our favorite songs: "Yes, Maria, Yes"
 Happy almost weekend to you all.