b i t s

We began the heart aching process of sorting through and cleaning out my Nanny's house this past weekend.

There were many meatballs made on this stove.

This is the slate my Papa laid.  I always loved the tiny red piece of slate nestled among the other larger gray toned ones.   I used to play a game where I was only allowed to walk on the red stones, and this little one forced me to balance on the toes of one foot.

Some of my Nanny's beautiful purses.

 Then the winds shifted and we returned home for Chick's ballet performance.  She was a graceful baby bird in a little segment of Peter and The Wolf (appropriately re-titled Penelope in The Meadow due to the lack of Peter and a wolf).

We are expecting hot and steamy days tomorrow and the next.  I think it is time for a batch of my favorite lemonade and the backyard sprinkler. 

xo e


  1. Oh, Emily, that must have been hard. Can I share a strange coincidence with you? We are re-doing our front steps, which had the same multi-colored slate on the landing. Eli has been very sentimental about losing the old steps, and yesterday after he got off the school bus he wanted to pull a memento from the pile of rubble. Do you know what he picked? A small piece of red slate.

    Love chick's little ballet bun! You must have been so proud!

    Will I be seeing you on Saturday? ;)

  2. No way! I now feel a true red slate connection with Eli. He gets that the red ones are special.

    I wish Saturday could work for so many reasons. I didn't realize the workshop was this coming Saturday. Alas, I have to stay home to finish up the prototypes for my manuscript. I think another Gardner trip should happen in early July. I'll want to hear all about it (and see your blocks!)xo

  3. I think you should like her facebook page and keep that teacher's discount in mind for future weekends. What a steal! Sorry I won't see you there, but yes, Gardner, soon.