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xo emily

h o u s e s

 I once had a dream about a little neighborhood of houses just like this.   The houses were on a river, though, and I was stuck on the opposite side.  This was like 14 years ago, but I was keeping a dream journal at the time, so it is forever preserved on paper (at least a 6:00 AM rough sketch of it is). I'm sure I analyzed the heck out of it back then, but for now I'm going to leave all the separation and worry issues behind and concentrate on the shapes and colors.

I love repetition, routine, and imperfection, which is why I love rows of crooked things, I think.

 I spent my Monday resting because of a cold, so I decided that I would spend time making these houses and a pot of soup.  Playing with color and a bowl of warm soup: two quiet things that make me happy.

I plan on making houses with the kids and, afterwards, I'll give them pens so they can add details to their buildings and houses.    I'll keep you posted.

xo e