Each Wednesday I post about some sort of treasure I found during the past week. It might be thrifted or found on a walk or whispered in my ear or discovered on a dark shelf in the basement. Something. Anything that makes me feel lucky and thankful. It doesn't necessarily have to make its way home with me - it just has to be noticed. The idea is for it to cost very little and feel very big. After all, this isn't about acquiring new things; it is about paying better attention to the world around me.

If you discovered a treasure this week (a new friend, a snow fairy, a fancy dish at the thrift store, a bird's nest) please do share it, as well as any links, in the comments section below.


a little list of treasures from the week

an egg sandwich for dinner
6 1/2 mini pine cones in one load of laundry
some t-shirt orders made and delivered (see above)
a note left on my desk:  "i love u, i love u, i love u, i love u"
watching Chick and our next door neighbor climb the trees outside of my office window
quesadilla picnic in the backyard
red stripey pajama pants from the Salvy
and, a bit of good health related news for a loved one

happy wednesday.

with love.


  1. Wow! Love the new layout with bigger pictures.

  2. AHhh! I love the perfect green and the dark gray and the big pictures and the new header..lovely! Thinking of you, a.

  3. Thank you so much for the beautiful shirts! My nieces will treasure them too!