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Life has felt unsettled and surreal over the past week as we care for my very sick Nanny. I've been sitting a lot. Holding my Nanny's hand. Singing with her. Reading the same page in the same book. Remembering. Pacing. Taking small bites. And, now I'm back home in Massachusetts feeling a bit distant from the caring that is taking place in New York. Miss Mouse went up for nap awhile ago and I was just sitting on my couch - staring into space - kind of lost. So, I decided to post about this little craft thingy I did last week. I'm so thankful for this space of mine. It allows me to be happily lost - dreamily lost - in the best of ways.
One evening last week, I was feeling inspired to create, but not so sure what I wanted to make. I felt like I wanted to make lots of tiny things. Not so much of a surprise (story stones, story discs, etc.), right? I started with the felt carrot, and then decided to make a pile of things for Mouse's little bunny (a favorite stuffy). I also decided that it didn't all have to make sense, and so I allowed myself to be led by color and texture and quirk. And, it was so easy and relaxing and fun.

What is the circle on a green stick, you ask? I don't know. But, I'm pretty sure her bunny really likes it.

The little book is supposed to be a journal for her bunny.

I recommend spending time doing some free form crafting. Let go of your creative plan and allow yourself to be drawn to whatever is at your fingertips. It felt like a little gift to me.

My heart thanks you for your emails, comments, and kind thoughts. Each thought, each kind gesture is such a gift to me right now. Thank you.

xo e

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