some rosy cherries

We're having muggy weather that is making me wilt.

cherries to the rescue

and mocktails

and cocktails

A quick mocktail recipe:

1 part pineapple juice
1 part seltzer
1 part orange juice
lime slice for the rim

Add some rum instead of the orange juice for the cocktail version. Or maybe keep the orange juice. And, don't you think a bit of coconut milk would make it even more yummy?

xo e


  1. Nice to see you, Emily!
    Cherries! So pretty. My neighbor has a cherry tree in her front garden and the robins are devouring the fruit. I guess they need to balance out all that worm eating. Sorry it's so hot! Go swimming!

  2. thanks, p.p! you were so kind to check in the other day. yes, i think we will go to the local swimming hole this week.

  3. we want to go swimming with you! and drink cocktails and mocktails. :) xo E