I've moved! New blog address.

My new website + blog is emilyneuburger.com.  Please visit me there!

If you have this site bookmarked in a blog reader, you'll want to switch to emilyneuburger.com.

Thanks, and see you in my new space!

xo emily

g r e e n

Some fabric wall panels in the corner of the guest room/office.

A dried fern on the hard, icy snow.

Phew. I feel like I was a little too much inside my head this week. Lots of little twists and turns led me to spend time circling words and information and what-ifs around and around and around. After some deep breaths, yoga, mucho slow dancing with chick, and a walk in the sun filled afternoon, I feel so much better.

I'll have a Valentine's Day craft or two next week to share.
I wish you a cozy, restful, peaceful weekend.

xo e