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picture cards

This wee sack of picture cards is one of Miss Mouse's presents for the holidays. They are perfect for collecting, telling stories, trading amongst family members, and I'm even thinking of framing a few for Mouse's room. The set has five handmade picture cards that fit snug in a little muslin drawstring bag. The cards are intentionally all slightly different in shape and size, which lends to each one's unique quality. There will be a bunch just like this set for sale in my shop on Monday the 14th, and I'll be sure to let you know here as soon as I update.

The cards are a straight-up remake project since they are made out of repurposed cardboard (cereal, cookie, tissue) boxes. I used other found materials and my hand carved stamps to create the designs. The little balls of yarn are my newest printed creations.
I made this specific set of picture cards while thinking of everyday things and creatures that Miss Mouse loves. She is a bit nervous of the dark, which is why I included a light in this set, and she is the coziest little mouse in her wool sweaters, which is why I chose the balls of yarn. I plan on making a set for Chick too.
I've been working on sets with other themes too, which means there are lots of teeny, tiny bits of paper all over my studio.

Some little bright spots in my week:
* I love Ellen's gingerbread ornament garland, and think it might be the perfect winter weekend holiday project. I never love the way gingerbread people taste, which makes me crazy about the idea of keeping them as something to look at, rather than devour.
* And, Catherine's Eggnog Cheesecake Squares sound like tasty winter sweet treats, don't they? After reading her post, I was left craving those and Frank Sinatra. I also felt like I had a little more to think about. Do you read her blog? It is the most perfect blend of funny, thoughtful, sincere, helpful, and lovely. I would be a devoted reader even if she wasn't my friend.
* I just adore my friend Ariana's set of snowbound photos. Her take on color and design makes me oh so happy.

friday! friday!

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