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Fancy Pencil Jar :: Remake

Use to store pencils, rulers, paint brushes, kitchen utensils, and maybe even dried flowers or seed pods.

Made with a glass jar, some paper, and glue. Cut circles and designs, glue them on an appropriately sized strip of nice quality white paper, place in jar, and use a few dots of glue from a hot glue gun to secure in two or three places.

Definitely don't use a "craft repositioning stick" to glue your circles and designs onto the strip of paper. It isn't glue and it doesn't work to actually adhere paper. I imagine it is useful for other things, but it somehow appeared in my glue stick collection, and when I used it, without knowing what it was, it reminded me of blowing out trick candles on my birthday cake. "Uh oh! Try again!" It looks just like a glue stick, but it really, really isn't. Good to know that sort of thing is out there, right?

You don't need a lot of hot glue to affix the paper strip to the jar. Just place one or two dots under the seam (where the ends overlap) and press.

Wouldn't it make a nice gift with a stack of new pencils?

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  1. I used to use those fake gluesticks when I was on the paper in high school, so you could pull up articles cut in columns and move them. It's like post-it in a stick!

  2. Cute! It'd be fun to put some photographs in there, too.

    Is there seriously a product called "craft repositioning stick"? That sounds totally and completely like something made up as a joke. ;)

  3. No joke. It is actually called the "Repositionable Craft Stick" Check it out: http://tinyurl.com/yj3fn4j
    I have *no* idea how it ended up in my glue box.

  4. I have it too.... no idea how or why I have it in my glue box eihter! It's frustrating every time!