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tiny pine cone garland

Remember, two weeks ago, when we went searching high and low for fall with our finding fall box? We are searching no longer. There is now blustery wind and orange leaves blowing through our yard. The nights are cold and we have been finding ourselves wrapped in blankets while sitting in the house. Pots of soup have been made and the butternut squash is rolling in. All of this fall business inspired me to use some of our findings from the other week to make a garland for our living room doorway.

Chick happily went to our little pine forest on the side of the house to gather more tiny pine cones. I promise we aren't always happily skipping through fields around here. We have tears and dull days, but today she really was especially happy to run outside. Perhaps it was because it was really dark and rainy this morning, so the bright sun felt like a little surprise gift.

After gathering cones, I cut flowers (or suns if you ask Chick) out of some of my favorite wool felt. I did some free style sewing on the felt flowers. Here is a closeup of one of the flowers:

Then, using an embroidery needle, I threaded the pine cones and the felt flowers onto sturdy thread making sure to put the thread towards the top of the flowers to ensure that they don't flip around. The cones were pretty easy to thread, although I probably should have worn a thimble since I ended up poking myself a few times. Here is the garland hanging across our living room doorway.

I'm off to work now for a bit, so I need to kiss the girls and Tom goodnight.

xo e