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a hoot

We're back from our trip to the coast of Maine, and we had so much fun! The food highlights were clam chowder, lobster-on-the-go [read: fresh lobster tail mixed with mayo on a grilled hot dog bun], baked, stuffed haddock, and breakfast for dinner at our favorite Portsmouth, NH breakfast place, The Friendly Toast. Chick is still talking about how her pancake was in the shape of a bunny with butter pats for the eyes and nose.

Tom got to catch a few of tropical storm Danny's waves since the waves were pretty organized and moderately sized - perfect for him. We spent lots of time on a beautiful sandy beach and some time sorting through the rocky tidal pools. We found safe, sandy places for Miss. Mouse to explore, and Chick was old enough (and capable enough) to rock scramble her way into some pretty cool tidal pools. I think that both Mouse and Chick's most favorite part of beach play was digging in the sand right by the shore where the water kept filling up their deep, soggy holes. They just kept digging and digging until they were desperate for lunch.

Oh, and one of the best parts was getting to cross a tidal river at low tide! At the deepest point, the water was up to Chick's chest, but she trudged through that tidal river mud like it was nobody's business.

As much as I love getting away, I always sleep better at home. So, here we are, back at home, doing our regular things. On Wednesday, I made this special order owl t-shirt for a local friend. I'd been dreaming up the design for quite awhile, so it felt good to finally make it.

I'm off to make my favorite peach cobbler. I make it every Labor Day weekend, and I promise pictures and a recipe by the end of the long weekend.


xo e