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finding fall box: remake

Since today, at around 5:30, marks the first day of autumn, I decided that Chick and I should go on a finding fall search in our backyard while Miss. Mouse naps soundly in her bed upstairs. We found yellow leaves, seed pods, acorns, a gazillion tiny pine cones, and lots of flies and bugs that decided to be born in today's balmy weather. It made me smile each time Chick thought of something that wouldn't fit into our tidy, little finding fall box, like "colder night air," "loose, rainy branches," and "that the nights are getting shorter."

The finding fall box is made out of all recycled materials. I used an Annie's Cheddar Bunnies box that I wrapped with a brown paper bag, and I used some old catalogs for the little acorn decorations. The inside paper lining is an old piece of scrap paper that I cut to size and stamped with the numbers 1-6.

I like the idea of limiting our display to six items at a time, so that we can be selective and purposeful as we change and rotate our pieces of nature as we like. I think I will make finding boxes for the other three seasons as well.

I also feel the need to introduce you to our new best friend: the mulch pile. We bought this lovely pile of mulch in June and, since then, it has been sitting on our driveway. I've actually grown attached to it since it reminds me of all of the fun things we did this summer instead of spreading boring old mulch.

Happy Fall!

xo e