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last week

Our past week was full of swimming, playing, eating, and boating at Grandma and Grandpa's lake house. We spent the time with our family, and the girls got to play with their adorable, sweet California cousin who they, sadly, only get to visit with twice a year. Above is a picture of her with Miss Mouse, and below is a picture of her wearing the tree tee that I made for her last year.

This year, Miss. Mouse believed herself old enough for full fledged swimming, so the grown-ups had to keep a close watch on her, and Chick found herself comfortable doing all sorts of tricks that she was afraid to do last year. She was boating, swimming solo (with a floaty), and staying up late with the grown-ups.

There is something so peaceful about Tuscarora Lake's water - it is cool, clear, and when I'm in it, I feel at rest. We returned home to orange pick-your own tomatoes in our CSA farm share. *Sigh*

And, here are the girls, at home, eating and frolicking in last night's cool evening air with bellies full of tomatoes, fresh greens, hummus, and lemon chicken.

Happy weekend.
xo e