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color mobile

This is the rainbow mobile I made this week for our mudroom/play space. It is made from a wooden dowel, some wooden discs, fabric, thread and paint. Both Chick and Mouse are drawn to the colors and love to watch it spin and move with the breeze. I'm captivated by the dull clink, clink sound it makes when the painted discs gently bump into each other.

How to:

1. Cut a skinny wooden dowel (bought at craft store) to size, cover with a thin coat of craft glue, and wrap a narrow piece of fabric around it. Let dry.

2. Paint each of the wooden discs a different color. If you choose to make your own circles out of a cereal box, then after the paint is applied and dried, coat them with Mod Podge to make them hard and sturdy.

3. Drill or punch (if made out of a cereal box) a small hole in the top of each disc.

4. Tie some thread onto each disc and then tie the tops of the thread to the dowel. Tie a piece of yarn to the dowel and hang.

I'm in the middle of making one that has some natural linen fabric covering the dowel and multiple shades of turquoise discs. I'm thinking that this will be a nice way to teach Chick about how to create and appreciate different shades of the same color. I've also been thinking that it would be nifty to use wire bent into a circle or a found twig instead of the dowel. I'm going to use a twig when I make one for my soon to be born nephew's bedroom.

xo e