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xo emily

blue (and some handmade storage boxes)

This is the shades of blue mobile. The dowel, which can't be seen in the picture, is covered with a thick, natural linen.

Below are some handmade storage boxes that we are using on our porch to store napkins, candle holders, and whatever else ends up being plopped inside. The boxes were once little kid shoe boxes, and are covered in paper that Chick and I painted. I think these would be handy in a playroom or child's bedroom for little thing organization, which makes me think I should make a few more to store hair ties, fairies, and maybe some lego type people.

The kids and I will be busy finding adventures and whatnot this weekend while Tom and his kind cousin rebuild the walls in our bathroom. We had a little bathroom crisis this past Friday; Tom went to fix four teeny tiny tiles that needed new grout and BAM! the entire wall crumbled down. I was in NY preparing for Nanny's 90th birthday celebration, and when I found pictures of my bathtub walls stripped down to the studs in my inbox, I took a few deep breaths and instantly imagined pretty little white subway tiles dancing in my head. Problem solved - especially since we found some subway tiles that were really inexpensive! I'll post pictures of the bathroom wall progress soon.

Happy weekend!

xo e