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You would think that this piece of coral, which serves as the model for my vertical garland, would have some kind of wistful, summer adventure tale to back it up. But, no - I found it by peeking behind a bush in front of our house. There it was laying along side some other beautiful sea pieces scattered in the dirt. This particular piece is actually one of my favorite ocean finds ever, and I kind of feel like a cheat since I found it next to my driveway.

We now use it as a little garden decoration, and for the past few weeks I have been inspired to bring its details into my crafting. I decided to carve a design, inspired by this coral, out of Mastercarve, which happens to be my favorite stamp carving material.

I cut an empty cereal box into squares, and painted them a grayish green. Once the squares were dry, I printed my design on each one, punched holes in the top and bottom, and threaded some thrifted red/pink wool yarn through being sure to leave a loop at the top as well as knots in each hole to prevent slippage.

xo e