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remake :: sunny bird string

Chick and I used brown paper grocery bags from my new best friend, the recycling bin, to make groovy sunny bird strings.

First, we painted.

Then, we let our new blue paper dry in the sun. I decided to use two different blues and purposely made it streaky because I like how it makes each bird look unique once they are cut.

Once it was dry, I designed my bird, created a stencil, and cut them out.

Before sewing , I ran a cool iron over them to make sure that all wings, tails, and beaks were nice and flat. I repeated with yellow and suns, and then slowly machine sewed them into strings.

Below is my first string. It is faulty because I needed to sew a little higher up to prevent flipping. Tom made sure to remind me of the actual physics law that applied: how geeky (in the best possible way) and science cute is he?

There is a bird string update in my shop.

xo e