I am finding that hand carved stamps are kind of like poems. They are small wonders packed with texture, meaning, and little bit of irony. And, I am in love with them. I started by making little designs that could be used in repetition to make patterns.

Then, I moved on to making little realistic interpretations of objects and living creatures.
I'm not sure why I insist on carving teeny tiny stamps because it means I am beginning with the teeniest of details. Maybe it is because I feel more in control and less intimidated when there is less to carve? My next step is to make them a little bigger.

This all began when I was reading Maya's blog , and was instantly in awe of her beautiful handmade stamps. I was so in awe, that I was inspired to create my own. Now, I am awake late at night squinting and carving, and creating them. It is so pleasing and satisfying.




  1. Those stamps are so sweet. I am definitely wanting to do a bit of that myself...

  2. Oh my! Those little trees next to that little house! Oh my!

  3. It's a joy to watch your creativity explode!!!xxoo

  4. Those are so pretty Emily. I can't tell exactly how small they are from the photos, but I'm guessing they're itty bitty, which makes me love them even more. :)

  5. Thanks for the stamp love!

    Karen - The house is very wee. It is about the size of a dime.

    Kelly - If you decide to carve let me know because I discovered that some material is crumbly and really unusable. PZ-Kut and Staedtler MasterCarve seem to be the two best options.

  6. Your stamps are so adorable. You're such a creative mom!