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I love garbage! Well, not fully. But, I do love sifting through junk mail and recycling to find little treasures. Since coming to realize some new ways to use my beloved recycling, the cheery crafter in me decided that this could all be a big, fun personal challenge where I encourage myself to use five bits of found treasure in weekly projects. Of course, the first week I initiated the challenge is the week that our most exciting junk mail was a political mailing printed on florescent green card stock and the ACE hardware catalog, which featured some mildly captivating tiny hammers and pictures of rope. The cynical, tired mom part in me was left disgruntled, but then my favorite herbal supply catalog was delivered and I was inspired.

Here are this week's treasures. There are two clippings that are not seen in the picture: a page torn out of a glorious old dictionary (volume L) given to me by my friend Maddie (thanks!) and a little street map of Amherst torn from the Amherst Bulletin.

And, here is the first stage of the project. So, yeah, it isn't going to be "weekly" as much as it is going to be "whenever I finish it." And, sometimes it might be three pieces of trash rather than five, but I am committed to plugging away at my recycle challenge. Oh, and finished work posts will be titled, remake.

xo e