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over the hills

Chickpea and I went to her friend's birthday party today. This little person happens to be her first friend. Ever. (His mom and I met when the babies were still in that really cute crinkled up, baby potato sack stage). The long drive was sunlit. Our local radio station was playing the top 93 songs of 2008, and since Chick was vibing with the songs, she didn't once ask for some of "my music," which meant that I didn't have to launch into my long explanation about how her music can be my music (and vice-versa). The party was full of bouncing, a rockin' buttercream cake, and a very, very fun (and sinister) game where Chick got to pretend to be a fox. Does it get better than that?

Our drive home was quiet and peaceful, and coincided with the setting sun. It felt like we were the only car driving over the hills at 4:00 today, and the stillness of being alone in the car with Chick was perfect. Perfect because we don't get to be alone together very often. Perfect because she asked me questions about gravity and oceans and how fish breathe.