I've moved! New blog address.

My new website + blog is emilyneuburger.com.  Please visit me there!

If you have this site bookmarked in a blog reader, you'll want to switch to emilyneuburger.com.

Thanks, and see you in my new space!

xo emily

p i c t u r e d

* cotton candy colored ice cream truck

* Sunday morning bead game: what does this pattern or grouping of colors make you think of? This specific one was campfire with marshmallows.

*Sophia the kitty wants to come along too.

*Green bowls, which I inherited from my Nanny.

*Green bowls in their new home in my cupboard.

*A cute yellow kitchen thing also inherited from my Nanny.  I think it is a perfect popcorn butter warmer. 

*Thinking at my studio table.

Now, I'm off to pack for a little mid-week overnight with friends.  Hoorah! 

xo e

p i c t u r e d

* Mouse makes a wish and spreads seeds.
* A wee painted pot.
* My vintage jar collection is now displayed on my Great Nana's hutch.
* Mouse and her friend run on the path by the Mill River.
* The new/old table that now lives on our porch. (with a small bouquet of violets) 
* Black raviolis stuffed with ricotta and mint made by our friend Kelly. 
* Tilly hosted us for an overnight at our friends' house.  Look at those two front teeth! And, those eyes!  

More soon!
xox e

n o t e s

This beautiful little pile of shavings is from Monday's workshop.  Have I raved lately about my students' creative energy and amazing, amazing artwork and wordwork?  Oh my!  They are truly incredible and I love my afternoons with them.    I'll share some more of their work in the coming days.

In the meantime, some notes for you:

*Local friends should know that the wonderful Common School Summerfun camp is still
    accepting  campers for this summer.  When she was wee, my oldest went there for three summers
    and loved every minute of it. It is a lovely mix of farm, art, and kind people.

* These planters make me smile.  Oh, how I love the elephant one!
  *I've been returning to this list that Marissa posted about a few weeks ago.  I love "take a shower -
    warm, then cool."  The cool gets you going.

I'm off to an afternoon of creative dance at the library for Mouse and gymnastics for Chick.  And, napping in the over-sized library chair for me.

xo e

p i c t u r e d

* Our friend Bucky who lives at the farm up the road.
* Bright eggs
* Passover dinner
* A student works on her handmade mini-book (the book is four pages long, and each one of hers depicts a different element).
* Mouse waits in her nightgown for Tom to return from his week away. 
* Chick rolls home in the late afternoon sun.

I've  been posting lots of instagram photographs lately. Find me at redbirdcrafts for more.

Some early spring news: The chives are a foot tall and our baby bean and sunflower plants are growing strong.  Looks like Tom's wall-o-sunflower plan is happening. 

xo e