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p i c t u r e d

* Sunday morning breakfast (yogurt, granola, blueberries, and maple syrup)
* the two of us, walking in the rain 
* teeny tiny flowers in our front garden
* a girl and her bicycle (on a steamy day)
* searching for Oz
* a cheery umbrella on a gray day
* blossoms, leading the way
xo e

B O O K !

It is time.  And, I couldn't be more thrilled and to the moon excited to share this big announcement.
On August 28th of this year, my book Show Me A Story will be released by the magnificent Storey Publishing to stores all across the country. You can read about it on Storey Publishing's website and it can now be pre-ordered (and shipped on the day of the release) in the following places:

Barnes & Noble

Show Me A Story: 40 Craft Projects and Activities to Spark Children’s Storytelling is packed to the brim with projects and activities that nurture children’s natural inclination to tell their own imaginative stories. There are even puppets for you to copy and cut out, templates, and lots of story sparks to help children feel inspired as they go.

Children naturally have all sorts of amazing ideas inside their heads, and the projects and games in the book are meant to help them develop and grow them. As a teacher, I wanted to create a fun, curriculum rich book that could be used in classrooms and homes to inspire children to enjoy using words and pictures to tell stories.  I wrote the book for anyone who spends time with children: parents, teachers, librarians, therapists, speech and language pathologists, and camp counselors.  And, yes there are Story Stones inside (of course!).

This is a project from my heart - my teacher, artist, mother heart - and, I can't wait to share it with you and your children this summer.

Thank you for following along and for supporting what I do here.  I have been so motivated and inspired by all of your kind words and encouragement.

As the months go on, I'll post updates here and in the above book tab.

xox e

Workshop Notes :: Relief Printing

Last Thursday, the children in my Creative Journaling workshop experimented with relief block printing.  I made the orange kitty for demonstration purposes and plunked her down in the middle of the table.  Once I saw her, I decided that I love her little head tilt and arched back. I wasn't able to see her personality in the block until it was printed.  This is exactly why I think printing is magical.
We used pieces of floor board that were sectioned into 4" x  3" rectangles and sticky back craft foam (found at your local craft store for under a $1/sheet). Since we weren't using craft knives or super sharp manicure scissors, I encouraged everyone to create simple shapes that didn't have lots of nooks and crannies.  Rather than being limiting, it was an exercise is simplicity, I think. 
They painted the foam with a thin layer of acrylic paint.  I encouraged them to try varying amounts of paint to see what worked best for their shape(s). 
Then, they pressed firmly with even pressure.  And, lifted the block carefully away.  

Here are my student's prints:
Brown dog (with bark)
In a brilliant move, they decided to use their prints as autographs, and made sheets of paper with everyone's print and signature on it.  I have mine hanging in my studio and I love, love, love it. 

xo e

p i c t u r e d

* rooibos orange cream organic tea
* Chick advertises her Nana and Gramp's "Free Stuff"
* early spring sky
* this little guy greeted us on a walk
* morning sky/red barn

happy weekend!
xo e

Creative Workshops :: Spring 2012

Red Bird Crafts Workshops
{for children and adults}

[Spring Session 2012]

Small Pieces  
{a collection of art & writing projects}

Group 1: Ages 6-9 Monday afternoons 3:30-4:30
Group 2: Ages 9-12 Thursday afternoons 3:30-4:30
8 week session :: April 2-June 4 (no classes on 4/16 & 4/19)  
$120 (includes materials fee)at 
Second Chances in South Amherst
In this unique workshop, children will experiment with a collection of art and writing projects that embrace the little things in life.  Each art project will be paired with a companion writing prompt in an effort to connect children's art and writing.  Quite literally, children will be taught techniques which use small bits of materials in order to design more elaborate creations. We'll collage, make tissue paper creatures, create small villages, string garlands, make punchy necklace pendants, and more. In the same sense, children will experiment with compact writing formats (list making, poetry, speech bubbles, single words) in order to give life to big ideas. As always, much emphasis will be placed on celebrating each child's particular mode of artistic expression.

Simple and Satisfying Beginners Hand Printing Workshop for Adults   

June 16::  Relief Printing (with found objects and foam) 
$55/ workshop (There is a materials list for this workshop) Held at my home studio 
Learn to make your own relief prints! The first part of this workshop will focus on learning to see your surroundings as a means for collecting printing inspiration.  We'll collect nature, and examine found materials, thumb through vintage books, and do some quick hand sketches as part of this important gathering process. After this, I'll teach three distinct and simple relief printing skills: craft foam blocks printing, nature printing, and found object printing. You’ll leave with your own relief blocks, hand printed muslin squares, and/or hand printed note cards. Additionally, you're welcome to bring your own t-shirts, fabric, and stationary to class, and you’ll learn the best ways to print and apply your hand printed images.  No previous printing experience needed!  

Classes fill quickly, so if you or your child wish to join, please contact me as soon as possible.  And, please visit my Workshops page for more registration details and information.