workshopping !

These are photographs from Thursday's Creative Journaling workshop.  During each workshop, the children will learn a new artistic technique and also work on an experimental writing exercise.  During the eight weeks, we will practice lots of different, unique writing styles, and by doing so, the hope is that everyone learns what kind of journal writing feels most personally inspiring.  As we move toward the end of the eight weeks, we'll work towards connecting our writing with our art, so that the two naturally exist together.
On the first day, the children used writing prompts to get their creativity flowing, and then did distinct shape collage on the front of their journals.  Each person chose a simple shape (could be recognizable or free form), sketched it in pencil, traced it in Sharpie, and then used scissors, glue, and collage materials to fill in the shapes.  Some of the kids found it hard to choose a shape, but once they did, there was quiet, light energy as they cut and pieced paper inside the lines.
They are not fully complete, but I love that in just one hour and fifteen minutes, I was able to see that each child's journal connected nicely with bits of their personalities. 
This is my speech bubble.  It pretty much sums up how I'm feeling about teaching my workshops.
I am bursting. 

ox e


  1. I really wish I'd had a teacher like you when I was young! This is so lovely.

  2. emily! i'm so happy for you. it's really clear that you love teaching and i'm so glad that your workshops have started. looks like lots of fun, and lots of lucky kids! xo

  3. Looks like so much fun! And I'm kind of in love with your speech bubble. I'm picturing it as the expressed thoughts of any of your block print creatures. The owl maybe? As if he's saying, "this is what it's like to live at Emily's house. Pretty, yes?"

  4. I just love these!! I was wondering what kind of paper did you use for the covers and where did you get it?

  5. Thanks, everyone!
    Karen - your owl idea makes me smile.
    And, Mary I used kraft cardstock, which I found at Michael's Craft Store (a big chain craft store).

  6. Would love to hear more about the journaling / art experience workshop. My son doesn't like writing but did like a writing workshop he did (he said that was "fun" writing) plus my younger daughter could be involved with the art.