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xo emily

c o l o r

Spring in our yard.

Fern babies

Purple ground covering that is way more beautiful than grass.

Dogwood tree growing in the west side of our front yard (just like I had growing up)

Tiny lilac bush about to bloom.

Fancy tulips planted this past fall with Mouse in the Ergo pack on my back. Sweaty.

My gray feet in a field of green, yellow, and purple.

Happy almost May, lovelies.

xo e

s i g n s

Here are some little signs made out of recycled box board and fabric scraps. I'm always looking for ways to use up the box board in my recycle bin (cereal, tissue boxes, etc.), so using it to make bright little signs feels perfect. The ones in the picture are for when I am at craft fairs selling my wares, but I think they would also make the sweetest little name signs for doors or shelves. I think I'll make some for our bedroom doors.

Materials: recycled box board, fabric scraps, thread, paper, printer (or rubber stamps), scissors, double stick tape, sewing machine.

To make:

1. Cut out a square of box board
2. Put some double stick tape around the perimeter of one side of the square.
3. Pull fabric scrap tightly around square and secure with the tape.
4. Using a contrasting thread, sew around the perimeter of the square. Trim excess fabric from backside.
5. Print a message onto the brown kraft card stock paper (any color paper will do, but it is best if is card stock weight). Use printer or rubber stamps.
6. Cut the paper w/ message into a square smaller than the fabric covered square. Be sure to leave room for a nice sized border.
7. Place paper square onto the fabric covered box board square. You can put a small piece of double stick tape to secure in place.
8. Sew the paper square onto the fabric square.
9. I don't plan on punching holes in these, but in the past I have been successful with using a hole puncher to make two holes in the top for hanging. The puncher tends to go only part of the way through the fabric, and then I use tiny, sharp scissors to trim up the hole.

xo e

n e s t

These are a few of the little people story stones that I made as part of the collection for the Brooklyn Lyceum Food and Craft Market .

Tom found this glorious little bird's nest snug in the corner of the ceiling in our wood shed. I can't get over the layer of moss on the outside. Isn't it just perfectly beautiful? That mama bird is so my idol.

Why won't my almost 2 1/2 year old Miss Mouse nap? Why? Why? Why? Sorry, just had to complain to you guys. Now I'm off to rescue her from her snug bed. Maybe, I should hot glue a layer of moss around her crib?

Happy weekend.

xo e

bees are our friends. kind of.

Do bees use sign lanuage?
Why do some lizards' tails break off?
Are humans predators because we eat chickens and stuff?

These are just a few of the questions that randomly popped into Chick's head yesterday. Very Earth Day appropriate, right? Bees have been on her mind lately because between the copious amount of dandelions in our yard and our full, flowering crab apple tree, our outside space is buzzzzz central. Bees and their hard work and uber-importance present a challenge for Chick. On the one hand, she is dying to appreciate them for all the hard work they do, and on the other hand, her feelings were so, so, so hurt when she was stung last summer. She vividly remembers the sting and she is scared it will happen again. So, as it often goes, we've been talking a lot about bees, and how it won't be fun if we sit inside only because we are avoiding something that probably won't happen. And, I am reminded of all of the "bees" in my life - the projects, the big questions, the unknowns. They feel a little too intimidating or new or uncharted, and I realize that I am intimately familiar with Chick's tendency to retreat and to stay where it is safe. Just like Chick, I can convince myself that I am better off. But, she does have the ability to surprise me in a way that still catches me off guard even though, by now, it probably shouldn't

I think it was two days ago that she spontaneously leaped outside, running as hard as she could, laughing - all on her own. Bees were buzzing all about her head, and it was as if she didn't notice a single one. I promise I'm not exaggerating - we really have an exorbitant amount of bumble bees, wasps, tiny little bees, etc., and as of late, Chick tends to be on guard while playing amongst the flowers. I wondered if she was intentionally not paying attention or if she was caught up in her joy and just didn't notice. But, really, I don't think it matters. There she was playing and laughing in the midst of the very thing that had been weighing heavily on her mind for days. And, in that moment, it seemed as if she just really didn't mind, not even a little bit. Watching her play that day helped me remember that running hard is what I eventually do too. It's just that sometimes I need to be reminded.

xo e

this week

a little apple hook board for a dear friend

magnolia blossoms

a field of tiny violets in our own backyard

a meandering walk in the woods

some pink sparkly wine

my love home after nine days away

a flock of wee story stones

sandbox kisses

And, a huge thanks to everyone who offered such lovely, supportive words about my mom's paintings. You guys rock!

xo e

my mama is an artist

Last weekend, we stuffed clothing in suitcases, packed a picnic dinner for the car, and drove to NY for my mom's first ever art show opening. She has been painting for the past ten years as a way to relax and unwind in the middle of a busy week. Mostly, she paints in two separate mediums - sometimes oil, sometimes watercolor - often alternating depending on what mood she is in. Her watercolors are often realistic interpretations of trios of simple objects. I could stare at her trio of pears all day, and I don't think my eyes would feel tired of looking at them. I love how they are lumpy and curvy in a "this is just how we are" kind of way. I also dig the way she uses pen&ink to give texture and depth to her fruit. Her oils are more impressionistic - a bit blurry with a certain emotional energy that makes me feel both at peace and bit wistful at the same time.

I just had to share because I'm proud. Plain and simple.

Speaking of arts and crafts, I wanted to let local peeps know about a really cool Farm and Fiber workshop this summer for children ages 8-12. I've heard there is going to be natural dye making, animal care, floor looms, and weaving and felting. Does it get any better? Last I heard, there are still a bunch of spots left. I wish it was for ages 8-33. Just saying.

xo e

in a bottle

Well, hello! It feels like forever since I last wrote in this lovely little space, and I am so glad to be back. Right when I felt as if I had recovered from that stomach bug, a mean, relentless chest cold paid my body a visit. I haven't had my voice for over a week, but HEY! that means I have sexy lounge singer voice. Even when I say things like, "How much does that gallon of milk cost?" it comes out sounding all sultry and dark alley worthy. Enough about that, though. I'm healthy (again), the sun is shining, and there is all sorts of spring in our yard. Our magnolia tree is popping a bit early this year and our chives are already shooting up. Tom and the girls started some sunflower seeds in late March, and the little sprouts have all pushed through the soil. And, the rumor around town is that it might be close to 85 degrees tomorrow. Wowza!

I carved some empty bottle stamps last night in hopes that Chick and I could spend some time filling them with imaginary spring treasures. This afternoon, she has been busy drawing and cutting out rescue princess tools since she plans to go as a super princess to a birthday party that wants her to come dressed as her favorite rescue hero. Every rescue princess needs a wand, saw, and compass - right? But, anyway, the reason I bring that up is because she had "very little time" to work on filling her bottles. For today, she put a "flower, water, some moss, and a baby plant" in the four bottles, and she informed me that she wants to work on another set tomorrow. I had time, though, and it was fun.

My next post will be full of pictures of my mom's paintings from this past weekend's super spectacular art show opening. More soon.

xo e